The Pivot / Aligned Momentum Assessment

You are a leader. You have what it takes to positively influence people. Yet you may find that your business isn't as nimble as it once was; Progress doesn't happen continuously, or you fear you are going to lose your nimbleness as your business matures. Good leaders anticipate; poor leaders react. Great leaders orchestrate change to generate extraordinary momentum, and to never stall.

Welcome! Take this brief assessment to get clear about your readiness to orchestrate a Pivot that could result in gaining extraordinary momentum for your business. When Aligned Momentum is alive in your culture, you are ready to Pivot.
You only need 8 minutes, from start to finish. When you've completed your part, you'll receive a Pivot / Aligned Momentum Assessment report (customized just for you!) with a chart of your results and recommended best next steps for success.
You don't need a code to take the assessment. If you have a code from the book, The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum, by Lori Michele Leavitt, enter that code as you register. Thank you for your purchase! You'll be tagged for future access to exclusive services and resources, and offered a debrief with Lori.
Have 8 minutes? Ready to get started?

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